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Get The Look! Bridal Trends 2017

Calling all 2017 brides! If you're wanting to not only look beautiful but bring a bit of catwalk to your big day then here's your guide to the biggest looks for 2017.

I read a great little phrase whilst researching this that completely encompasses how i feel about bridal trends and that was "trends are not your friends", this might seem like a strange thing to say as that's exactly what i'm writing about but ladies it's so important to remember to be yourself on your big day and not pick something that makes you look like a toilet roll cover just because you've seen something similar in a magazine.

So many brides think because this day is so special maybe they should try something they see as being the epitome of perfection even if it's the opposite of their usual style, if you're a natural girl in everyday life then don't go for the black smokey eye and red lip you'll only regret it when you dust off that wedding album 3 years later and wonder what on earth you were thinking.

The dress! Apart from the obvious this has got to be one of the most important things about the big day, 2017 in my opinion has some beautiful trends to take influences from and here are a few on my personal favorites....

Grace Kelly Elegance - Who doesn't want to look like a princes on their big day, taking influence from one of the all time greats why not inject a bit of timeless classic in to you bridal look?

Floral Fancy - Embellishments have gone into over drive for next season with beautiful dresses adorned in 3D flower power.

Tea Dance - Next season is all about the tea length dress, great for all you petite ladies out there and now there's an even better excuse to find a killer pair of bridal heels.

Bridal Hair And Make-Up

As a hair and make-up artist i always ask what kind of bride my clients are hoping to be and more often than not it's to look like a more beautiful version of themselves, this always makes me happy to hear, makeup isn't supposed to be troweled on but used to emphasize everyone's natural beauty and next season that's exactly what it's all about.

Oscar de la Renta, Reem Acra and Carolina Herrera all went for the natural glowing look either emphasizing the face with rosy cheeks or a fresh pink lip. For me you can never go wrong with this type of look, glowing and natural is the best way to be!

Hair has taken on the trend 'classic with a twist' with face nets instead of veils and small amounts of fresh flowers instead of flower crowns. Also big for spring is the relaxed beach wave, great for the more laid back brides among you. Sticking around for next season is the trusty braid and the classic chignon but all with a less that perfect finish, soft hair framing the face is so flattering and right on trend YAY!

Whatever look you decide to go for on your big day make sure it's your decision, it's surprising how many people will have an opinion on it, just as long as you're happy and feel stunningly beautiful nothing else matters.

Helena @ Just Lovely

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